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Send a Steel Magnolia to Washington to Drain the Swamp

Send a Steel Magnolia to Washington to Drain the Swamp

Send a Steel Magnolia to Washington to Drain the SwampSend a Steel Magnolia to Washington to Drain the Swamp


Dependable. Unwavering Values.

      "I  have had the pleasure of working with Sharon for several years on  difficult issues that impacted the citizens of her rapidly growing community.

     She has unwavering values and always puts what’s best for the citizens before special interests. She will represent her constituents far better than her opponent, Thom Tillis, a Senator that suggested there be no border wall and was the only Republican Senator that co-sponsored a bill to protect Mueller in his investigations against Donald Trump.

     Put a voice we can depend on in the Senate to support our Constitution and President."


- Jay Privette,

 Lifelong Carolina Conservative

A fresh Voice for the people

      "As  a resident of North Carolina for more than twenty years, and having  known Sharon Hudson for nearly half of that time, I am excited that she is running for the U.S. Senate. I believe that she has the ability to represent the people of North Carolina and to really make the citizens voice heard for a change.

     As a Disabled Veteran, I also look forward to her ability to listen to veterans’ concerns, as North Carolina is the home to several large military bases, and a retirement destination for many veterans. I have been in attendance of many political events and broken bread with Sharon Hudson, believe she would do well in supporting President Trump and his policies.

    We need a truly fresh voice in the senate, and I believe Sharon Hudson is that voice."

 - Ed A. Toney Jr.

 Disabled Veteran (U.S. Coast Guard, Ret.)

A Rare Opportunity

      "North Carolina Republicans have a very rare opportunity to vote for a wonderful, gifted, courageous, patriot in the U.S. Senate Primary on March 3. I've had the great good fortune to know Sharon for a number of years and she has earned my total respect and admiration. Sharon is a leader. She was one of the truly heroic fighters against the criminal/demented I-77 toll project, the most corrupt local political abomination I've personally observed in my 30 years of political activism, and I've seen many believe me.

     No one loves the United States, or North Carolina, more than Sharon Hudson. She has educated herself about our system of government, the founding documents, and draws inspiration from the men and women that have made our nation the greatest country the world has ever seen. We need to have this wonderful woman to serve us in the United States Senate. Frankly, I honestly don't think we could ever have a better choice at this time in our nation's history. Sharon has my heartfelt endorsement and thanks for taking on this enormous, and difficult task.

     In stark contrast, North Carolina Republicans have been terribly served for the last 5 years by first term U.S. Senator Thom Tillis. He has proven himself to be the consummate political poseur/hack his entire career. 

     Tillis was instrumental in bringing about the absolutely disastrous implementation of the most egregious example of political graft in North Carolina history - the I-77 toll road project, which will conservatively cost North Carolina $30 Billion in lost economic activity over the next 50 years. Tillis a Conservative? Please.

     Since his election to the U.S. Senate in 2014 Tillis has continued his two-faced, political sleight-of-hand, changing his public posture regarding Donald Trump, from open hostility to obsequious sycophancy once his pollsters finally figured out which way the political winds were blowing in North Carolina. The same exact metamorphosis occurred on border security.

     Token Trump support for the Tillis candidacy is based completely on political expediency, and in this case, Trump is dead wrong. North Carolina and the United States can, and must, do better than Thom Tillis.

     Don't pass up this very rare opportunity to elect a great American to public office. Vote for Sharon Hudson on March 3!" 

-Martin Davis

Former President of C.A.U.T.I.O.N. (Charlotte Tea Party Group)

Consistent Conservative

     “I worked with Sharon for several years as a volunteer for conservative groups and to oppose toll lanes on I-77. Through the years she has maintained conservative values, and has always been quick to determine if a policy or law could undermine our constitutional liberties. She has also consistently supported the policies that our President is committed to implementing. North Carolina voters seeking a principled conservative who carefully researches policies and issues would be well-served by Sharon.”

- Vallee Bubak

Founder and Co-Chair of Lake Norman Conservatives

Former Board Member, North Mecklenburg Republican Women

Unites Groups, Fearless

     "Sharon Hudson is an experienced conservative activist with a long history of uniting groups both inside and outside of the Republican Party to push towards a common goal. She has been fearless in both Republican auxiliary clubs and grassroots independent groups advocating for North Carolinians' right to representative government and against double taxation in infrastructure and transportation.

     I'm proud to endorse Sharon Hudson for U.S. Senate, because I trust her to fight for transparency, accountability, and fiscal sanity in Washington."

 - Adam Love 

Former N.C. State Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty

A true Conservative

     “I am so happy that Sharon Hudson is running in the primary to take out "me first" Tillis. Finally, we have a candidate in that race who is a true conservative, whom I can confidently support."

 - N.C. Representative Larry G. Pittman  (Republican)

A Servant of the people

     "Sharon Hudson has been a servant of the people, not asking for rewards for herself, but working to better every American; She listens, she discerns the issues, and determines the benefits to all.

    She has strength of character. I proudly recommend Sharon Hudson as our next U.S. Senator.”


- Robert Brawley,

Former N.C. Representative  (Republican)

Logical, Articulate, Reliable

    "I have known and worked with Sharon Hudson for over seven years in the citizen's group Widen I77, whose goal was to educate the community regarding the flaws in the I-77 toll lanes. The project was backed by the N.C. Department of Transportation and constructed and managed by Cintra (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferroviale Infrastructuraes, based in Spain). 

     I have found Sharon to be extremely logical. She was a valuable and dedicated member of our team. She brought a very necessary mixture of facts, political savvy, and marketing to the Widen I77 group.

     She is very professional yet has an enjoyable enthusiasm that kept us motivated in our struggle. She conducts herself with the utmost integrity, is articulate, eloquent, and reliable. She does what she says she will do.

     Sharon is very concerned with the well-being of our community and has spent countless volunteer hours to make it a better place to live, work, and enjoy.

     I am very pleased and excited to endorse Sharon Hudson for the office of U.S. Senate from North Carolina. I hope you will support her as well."

-   William Rakatansky, FAIA, CSI, NCARB

Architect / Small Business Owner, Former Cornelius Town Commissioner 

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